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Red Lodge MT weather station: 1700 m.a.s.l 133.0 km away from Yellowstone National Park.Explaination to the graph: Max temperature: Average max daily (24h) temperature per month Minimum temperature: Average minimum daily (24h) temperature per month Average temperatureApril. April 2018.Weather Forecast Legend. WeatherTAB helps you plan activities on days with the least risk of rain.Includes Daily Risk of Precipitation, High/Low/Average Temperatures, Heating/Cooling Degree Days and Growing Degree Days. Over half falls as snow, with an annual total of 150 inches in most areas but up to 400 inches on the high mountains, which causes all main roads through the park to be closed from the start of November to April/May, though vehicular travelAverage Weather Conditions for Yellowstone National Park. If you plan to visit Yellowstone National Park in the Winter remember to bring some warm clothes because temperatures average between 0F and 20F (-20C to -5C) and have been known to dip as low as -66F (-54C)! In Yellowstone National Park, mountain pine beetles already are infesting higher elevations than before and threatening to wipe out whitebark pines, a mountaintop species. Their nuts are such an impor-tant April.The average temperature in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming in September is quite mild at 11.5 C (52.7 F).The weather in September is somewhat parched with sporadic rain. Average High/Low Temperature: Yellowstone National Park. Loading weather data. Please waitApril -2C 28F. May 4C 39F. June 9C 48F. Yellowstone National Park weather forecast and 5 day weather forecast for Yellowstone National Park, United States.

Including chance of rain, precipitation, wind and air pressure.Weather Yellowstone National Park Saturday 3 March 2018. Yellowstone National Park Weather - Everything about Yellowstones Weather: averages, current conditions, daily winter reports, facts, figures, links, history, recommendations, and much more.Yellowstone Spring Weather. Its not uncommon for April and May to be cold and snowy. Average Weather Data for Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. US Climate Data.Yellowstone National Park. Monthly Averages.

January. February. March. April. May. View the forecast for Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Spring Weather. Spring ( April to early June) can be a magnificent time in Yellowstone. At the same time, spring is theAverage daily temperatures can range from highs of 40s 50s (5-15C) to 60s 70s (15-25C.) Overnight lows Get complete up to date weather in our Yellowstone Net Daily Weather Guide Average Temperatures for Yellowstone National Park Month AverageApril. Autumn Weather: Autumn weather in Yellowstone can be just as pleasant as summer during its early arrival.Average snowfall throughout the park is a moderate 150 inches (380 centimeters), while higher elevations often receive annual dumps in excess of 400 inches (5 to 10 meters). Average weather Yellowstone National Park, WY - january.Select month: January February March April May June July August September October November December. Yellowstone National Park is at the extremes in terms of weather.The average elevation in Yellowstone is around seven thousand feet.I recommend a 40 degree bag for the summer (mid June to mid August), and a 20 down bag for late August to November, and for April to early June. Weather. Yellowstone National Park has a very northern climate, with short, warm summers, and long, very cold winters. The park is covered with heavy snows from about November through April.Average and Record Temperatures at Yellowstone. Yellowstone Weather In the Spring. Spring bicycling from West Yellowstone in April, when the roads open to non-motorized traffic.Visit Yellowstone National Park in autumn to experience the unforgettable call of the bull elk in the mating season. Yellowstone is the first American national park.In autumn, the weather changes and you should prepare in advance to adapt to this change. The temperature dropped rapidly, the night can be dropped below 0 degrees. The average elevation in Yellowstone National Park is 6,000 feet which means temperatures are often much cooler.Winter Weather - November - April/May. Average Daytime Temps 0 to 20 F Nighttime Temps 0 to -40 F Average Snowfall 150" . Yellowstone National Park is a national park located in the U.S. states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It was established by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872. Snowcoach Tours in Yellowstone National Park in the Winter.You may not see either April showers or May flowers at Yellowstone. Weather is king and makes most of your decisions for you during springtime. Courtesy of the National Park Service. Yellowstone National Park Average Precipitation.Layering allows you to easily change with the ever-changing weather in Yellowstone National Park, even minute to minute. Films on the national park idea, Yellowstone, and artist Thomas Moran. Open April November Winter.Weather can be pleasant, although temperatures average 1020 degrees lower than summer readings. Nighttime lows can fall into the teens and lower. Yellowstone National Park is a United States National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the worlds first national park, set aside in 1872 to preserve the vast number of geysers, hot springs, and other thermal areas The hourly average wind direction in West Yellowstone throughout April is predominantly from the south, with a peak proportion of 47 on April 3.Time zones for aiports and weather stations are provided by AskGeo.com . Maps are Esri, with data from National Geographic, Esri, DeLorme Yellowstone National Park is considered one of Americas most picturesque and diverse national parks. Established on March 1st, 1872The best time to visit Yellowstone National Park is April to May or from September to November. These seasons have lesser crowds and mild weather conditions. Weather.com brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for Yellowstone National Park with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more.April. Yellowstone National Park is at high altitude. Most of the park is above 7,500 feet / 2,275 meters.Cold and snow linger into April and May, although temperatures gradually climb.Yellowstones weather is always unpredictable. Carry extra clothing when hiking. Yellowstone National Park is a national park located in the U.S. states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.Snow is possible in any month of the year, but most common between November and April, with averages of 150 inches (3,800 mm) annually around Yellowstone Lake, to twice that amount at Yellowstone National Park is at high altitude.Spring Weather. Cold and snow linger into April and May, although temperatures gradually climb.Annual snowfall averages near 150 inches / 380 cm in most of the park. Guidance for Protecting Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park Protection Act (1872).Every Kid In Park: Visiting Yellowstone. Be A Junior Ranger. Wildlife Olympics.April.Climate consists of the long-term averages of daily weather, usually in 30-year periods. The National Park Service estimates that in natural conditions, grasslands in Yellowstone burned an average of every 20 to 25 years, while forests in the parkSource 1: NOAA (normals, 19712000). Source 2: The Weather Channel (Records). Climate data for Yellowstone Park Headquarters, elev. United States Weather. Yellowstone National Park, WY. -11C. Allergies: Low.April. January. February. March. April. May. Main articles: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Ecology of the Rocky Mountains. Meadow in Yellowstone National Park.Snow is possible in any month of the year, but most common between November and April, with averages of 150 inches (3,800 mm) annually around Yellowstone Lake, to Yellowstone National Park is a U.S. National Park located in the western states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.Shortly after, in April 2004, the park experienced an upsurge of earthquake activity. (weather permitting). April 19 Mammoth to Old Faithful Madison. to West Entrance Norris to Canyon.

National Park Service P.O. Box 168. Yellowstone National Park Wyoming 82190 Official Business. 5-star Hotels in Yellowstone National Park.What is the outlook for late March/early April? Another choice is Zion and Bryce Canyon. Which is more likely to get good weather this time of year. Seasonal average climate and temperature of Yellowstone National Park in april. Check below seasonal norms These datas are set from the weather statements of the past years of april. When winter arrives at Yellowstone National Park, snow blankets the mountainous landscape — and leavesMarch and April are the best months to view bear, while the winter months are best for wolves andDue to its high elevation, the weather at Yellowstone can be unpredictable year-round.Average precipitation is fairly consistent across all seasons, meaning travelers dont need to worry Yellowstone National Park. When Is the Best Time.In spring the weather is unpredictable: Cold and even snow can linger into April and May. A warm jacket and rain gears are a must-have in spring. Seems very odd behaviour indeed. Assuming there are 500 national parks in the US, with 20 staff each on average, then theEverything people have suggested here are possible risks of planning an early season trip to Yellowstone National Park: possible cold and snowy weather, road closures, etc. Weather in Yellowstone switch to Celsius/mm. Average Temperature (F).National Park Week (April). Montana State University Billings Foundations Wine Food Festival (May). June-August. Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.The depth of the lake averages 138 feet, with some areas measuring 430 feet.This entry was posted in Yellowstone Wildlife and tagged wildlife, yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park.April 2016. Winter and Summer in Yellowstone National Park are like night and day.Weather: Average daytime summer temperatures range between 70 to 80 degrees F in the lower elevations.West Yellowstone and North Entrances open in mid-April. Yellowstone National Park Weather. Select a Yellowstone Category.The record low temperature is -66F. The park averages 150 inches of snow a year, but higher elevations can receive over twice that amount. Yellowstone National Park. Travel Guide. Things to Do.Every local resident has a horror story about being caught unprepared in the weather.The average daytime readings are in the 40s or 50s (415 degrees C), gradually increasing into the 60s or 70s (1626 degrees C) by early June. Weather for Yellowstone National Park, United States provided by openweathermap.com.Do not let be surprised by weather conditions in Yellowstone National Park. Wind in Yellowstone National Park is usually extremely calm. The windiest month is April, followed by June and March. Aprils average wind speed ofWinter (December through February). Weather is far too cold this time of year in Yellowstone National Park to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. - Besides finding the perfect map of Yellowstone, you need to know about the Yellowstone national Park weather to plan your trip. For example, if youre not interested in cold weather, you need to plan your trip during the summer months. Days of Hot Weather in Yellowstone Park.Days that chilly can occur from October to April, including most of December and January. Days per month on average in Yellowstone Park when the minimum temperature drops to 20, 10 or 0 F or below.National Climatic Data Center. NOAAs 1981-2010 Climate Normals. Share.