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Also what PLs do you have already / are you looking to get from this build? Fighter or monk (or dont care)?GCWW Monk 12/8 Monk/Fighter Human. Level Order. This build is something I would call an AGI combo-MS tank hybrid. You will pump up AGI early on, following the traditional combo monk build, but when you hit TI level range, you will pump only VIT and tank with Mental strength, and nothing else. There are different great mage builds. It all depends on what youre interested in: PvP: The hybrid build is designed to be the best PvP mage possible. It combines a large variaty of attack spells (most importantly lightning fall) with defensive spells (improved shield energy and stone armor). iRO Chaos Castle Watch. RO-Market. Stat Calculator.You should target 120 if possible 110 is bare minimum. Agi. Because the Combo Monk needs to spread out his stat points all over the place, hybrid stat builds is not an option. Order Chaos Online. Crethiyum One Energy Ball Speed Kill LordS-k - Divine Monk .sental. - Hybrid Tank DarkFury - DW War Myself - DW War Observers Market Server.RML 1st boss/DOUBLE T7?! Order and Chaos Online/Войны Хаоса и Порядка/RML/T7 Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Different Heaven Here are some Tips for Newbie Order and Chaos (iPad) players, provided by: Tobias D. Robison tobyr21 at gmail.com .You can then see what useful NPCs are nearby, even if they are hidden within a nearby building.

Прокачка: Тут есть два пути : быстрый и медленный(зато сознательный) Быстрый путь предполагает собой раскачку монка гибрида.Об этом способе нам расскажет наш великий Nooblesse Я же скажу что качать просто хила не так уж сложно re: Monk Build!!! do you think my build can be a macho man at pvp? do i need more sp? im really confused at myYou can not cast if you are Silenced, Blind is not a grave threat, and Chaos is not yet implemented.Sidewinder (Hybrid Weapon) Enables lv1 Double Attack (5 chance, does not stack). Order and Chaos Account for Sale. WTT/WTS EPIC DPS MONK- order chaos online iOS. Hey guys Im looking to either sell or trade this account.Level: 60 Race: Undead Sex: Male Build: Hybrid Craft: Master Tailor. Currently Equipped. Cloudstone: Critical Based Hybrid Warrior Monk Skill BuildOrder Chaos Online Mythbusters: Divine Monk Or Warrior Dps? Прошло почти четыре года после успешного релиза Order and Chaos: Gameloft. И вот, наконец, после длительных ожиданий, вышел в свет сиквел Order and Chaos 2: Redemption, который будет доступен как для iOS устройств, так и для Android.

Herere builds, gear and PvP stats of chars Ive played after update. Mili Montages will be uploaded in the future.Order and Chaos: PVP 34 Ice Mage Montage 7. Damn intanse fights :) I need to upload more often or I wont have space for Selling Account for Order and chaos online: 3 toons lvl 60 on same accountas well , this charachter has a hybrid build which means , he can heal withAlso a level 60 monk, rune set. The account has around 1000 gold and 60 runes Youre not limited to pick only one as you can consider a hybrid build.This game is quite established with a sequel of the game Order and Chaos 2: Redemption out which we will also be covering directly in our next post! As promised last week, Ive continued to dig into the new Level 70 cap update for Order and Chaos Online.But, I reminded myself now, hybrid builds are at a disadvantage. Time to go all-in on a talent tree. The races of this game are divided on to sides, Order and Chaos. Humans and Elves are for Order, and Orcs and Undead are forMonk A monk is your best friend. Serving more like a paladin thoughMonk can either be healers or mages. Epic female Monk Order Chaos Online Account (iOS) on sale. 640 x 361 jpeg 41kB. orderandchaosdaily.blogspot.com. Order and Chaos Daily: Monk - Level 10. 960 x 640 png 620kB. joinable.net. Похожие видео. Order Chaos 2: Pvp Duel LvL 42 Monk VS Lvl 45 Mage Order and Chaos 2: Monk vs 220k GS ranger Order Chaos 2: Redempition - Balanceamento Monge MAGE PVP DUELS! - Order Chaos 2: Redemption Order Chaos 2 31 Responses to A Practical Monk Guide Agi/Spirit Hybrid.(1-99).Pvp is a different matter, but i would rather build a champ for pvp(And this guide is the way i build my monks and 99 them in a week or so, without being bored of 1 area since I can go anywhere I choose and still be able. Order and Chaos Online.Order Chaos Online is a huge 3D open-world MMORPG developed by Gameloft for mobile devices.Each class has hundreds of different skills to choose from which offers a lot of customization in builds and gameplay. В случае если ваша гильдия Chaos или Order у вас появится допольнительна абревиатура после абревиатуры гильдии и полная абревиатура будет выглядеть так: [Guildname][ Chaos] или [Guildname][Order]. I think this build is not a CRITICAL monk but a Hybrid Critical Monk so I named it as Hybrid Monk2.Delay time reduced by 5 Giearth Def. Vs.

Status Order Never be Cursed by Chaos Deviruchi Def. I think this build is not a CRITICAL monk but a Hybrid Critical Monk so I named it as Hybrid Monk2.Delay time reduced by 5 Giearth Def. Vs. Status Order Never be Cursed by Chaos Deviruchi Def. The Monk uses its fist as weapons and focuses more on skills and buffs. They can only wear cloth armor and Tailoring seems to be their best trait.One Response to Order Chaos Online Best Class. On the other hand, a Chaos leads through cruelty and they are known to often kill their minions in order to maintain their dominance.The Chaos is a Demon hybrid who has the ability to summon demonic swordsmen and magicians to do her bidding and amass a small butMale Priest. Crusader. Monk. Order Chaos Online HD. Версия: 1.1.3. Жанр: MMORPG, Arcada, Action Разработчик: Gameloft Издательство: GameloftБилд (build) - характеристики персонажа, распределение очков талантов на заклинания (спеллы). Order and Chaos 2: Monk vs 220k GS ranger - Продолжительность: 1:57 ArchGar 19 412 просмотров.- Order Chaos 2: Redemption - Продолжительность: 6:15 CRAYARC 141 028 просмотров. The monk always get more than he bargain for in arena. So you should better prepare. Order and Chaos beginners GUIDE.There are different great mage builds. It all depends on what youre interested in: PvP: The. Leveling Guide - Order Chaos Online. Beginners guide 2017 edition (chaos progression and builds). От DkwieLkY.Builds and Shard location:Ev2 Hybrid,Monk hybrid,Apprentice,Squire Hybrid This are just some of the builds i use. Order and Chaos Online cheat mod and hints. Posted by table On 4 Comments. Order Chaos Online is not only a perfect game.Mages have damage and crowd control trees. Monks are a lot like Paladins who will spec damage or healing. I am trying to find a acrobatic monk type build that allows for a lot of skills.A Brute Vigilante gets 6INT skill points per level (IIRC) and can spend a talent in order to use a Monks unarmed strike damage while in Hulk-form. Хаос (Chaos): темная сторона мира Order Chaos представлена двумя расами, дикими, яростными, кровожадными орками и ночным кошмаром нежитью. Стартовая локация Tanned Land. A Hybrid monk makes use of multiple attributes, typically Healing Prayers and Protection Prayers, for maximum flexibility. They are most useful in arenas and low level PvP due to the utility available from a single character. Hybrid monks are also effective throughout PvE. Order and Chaos Duels. Card Discussions.Gaald Battlesage (Monk Human) Target minion you control recovers 10 health and the rest of your minions recover 6 health each, and Gaald Battlesage recovers 7 health. Order and Chaos тоже отдаленно напоминает гиганта мировой игровой индустрии World of Warcraft.Однако главное отличие Order and Chaos в том, что это мобильная игра, на которой можно играть даже на телефонах или планшетах. Experience the sequel towards the highly popular portable MMORPG, Order and Chaos 2 Redemption Online, now even greater and better. Select 5 different backrounds (Human, Elf, Mendel, Orc, as well as Kratan) and 5 unique classes (Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Our blood Knight, and Monk). Order Chaos Online - The MMORPG for Android, iPhone iPad: Teaser Trailer. Order Chaos Online Legends: Episode 1 - Monk Team VS. Sacharist. Order and Chaos Online for Android Review. Order Chaos Divine Monk PVP stone island server. via YouTube Capture.Legends Guild Members RitaRepulsa(Hybrid Mage), Terry(Archer Ranger) Malebolgia(Devine Monk) Kaizer(warrior guardian Tank). Catalog. Order and Chaos 2 Gold (iOS).This account includes 2 level 60 characters, a Monk with epic gears, a Mage with epic gears. 450 runes. Other detail is as the images. click it to enlarge the images. Basic introduction to how I play the martialist class and a good way to go about it Its a 10/27 hybrid build tweaked more for pvp.Order and Chaos: Martial Monk Legendary Weapon Ceremony - Duration: 6:41. It will force nearby enemies away from you to give your skills enough time to cool down. The animation speed is a little slow though. Power Bursts Discipline multiplier will not increase per point so maximizing it is really optional, specially for hybrid Monk builds. » Order Chaos Online » Discussions.Ive just hit 60 on my monk as a hybrid build, which I dont really think is that good but done the job. Im planning on now gong full divine for dung runs, until I get fully geared and then in that case going mill for pvp. Order and Chaos Online Game Info.Monk The monk is a hybrid character in that it casts spells that are focused on healing and buffing, but does melee damage with his fists. Order Chaos 2: Redemption. Ranger Assassin (PvP).6 Aug 2013 Order Chaos Online - Detailed Game Guide by Akiloth Everyone needs There are 4 classes in this game: Warrior, Mage, Monk, Ranger. Monk. Flame Knight. Monk. Share. Forums > Order Chaos 2: Redemption > Skills Inscriptions >.PVE Healing Monk Build. Discussion in Skills Inscriptions started by Lenopy, Sep 30, 2015. Order and chaos pvp monk 1. Добавлено: 4 год. yippii yappy 4 год.Добавлено: 4 год. oac head 4 год. Order Chaos Divine Monk PVP stone islan PvP: The hybrid build is designed to be the best PvP mage possible.However, in order to get more frost spells this build does not include the final fire spell elementary finishing. A pure fire mage might be in a slight advantage in PvM against single enemies. Order and Chaos Online Vanity Boxes Opening XXL. TakenHD. Order and Chaos PVP: 1v1s - Martial vs Divine Monk. Order and Chaos - Healer talents PVEPVP in one. BusinessMichal. Order Chaos Divine Monk PVP stone island server. OBZEN ITW.